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How to learn programming

Firebase email contact form configuration

Managing contact form on the website can be troublesome. Here I explain how I do it with Firebase

Flexbox two column layout

I've decided to use Flexbox on the blog because of it's ability to dynamically change the layout for different screen resolutions.

Node.js version matters

Sometimes code just doesn't work. Instead of getting frustrated, better check node version

My inspiration - part 1 - Small things - Jonathan Cutrell

A series where I describe people, mostly programmers, who inspire me to take action

ClassName instead of class in react.js

How I discovered that console in the browser is my best friend and why "class" doesn't work in react.js

Replace absolute date with relative one

Relative date looks just nicer, here I show how to implement it on the website

Advantages of writing own code while using tutorials

While it's quite easy to follow tutorials, I prefer to change code to learn other things as well

Creating object from a text

How to manage different kind of data in a single markdown document, using Yaml Front Matter

Bloodsucking tests

Description of my first attempt to use tests in programming, with examples

Updating content on server

Description of my server and of tools I use to manage it

Contemptuous html lists and debugging

Here I explain how to use gulp and w3 validator to debug an html code automatically

Installing tools on Mac

Why I've decided to switch from Windows to Unix-like systems and why it wasn't easy

Starting programming from scratch

Where I started to learn programming, what tools were necessary or just useful

On this website I'd like to share my experience with learning programming, especially web development and design.

As I've started to build this website I was a lawyer with several years of professional experience and dream to become a web developer. I've started to learn graphic design and programming and soon got a job including software engineering in a translation company.

I have a goal to make this website totally from scratch, so I'm not using here any pre-build CMS. I will be experimenting with better and worse features.

I'm open to suggestions about improving this website, feel free to leave a comment or contact me at Twitter or make pull request on GitHub.