Starting programming from scratch

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So you want to start programming? Or maybe just make some websites? First you probably thought 'Ok, I'll install something like javascript, python and it will work just fine'? These were my thoughts - how wrong I was! To start programming, you need whole bunch of programs, so I found out when I decided to become front-end web developer.
At the beginning, you need whole package of programs - but guess what ? They are all in different places and to install one of them you need another one... and so on.
Now I'm here - installing the same programs 2nd time this week, because of serious computer crash. And I thought this is the best subject for the first post on my website.

Let's get started

  1. Terminal - it is already installed on Linux and OS, I've heard there isn't any similar program for Windows. By Terminal you have access to you system files and you can test programs just on your desktop.
    Program called Guake makes Terminal even more useful, adding many features like multiply windows.

  2. Text editor. I personally use Atom but you can choose your own favourite. There are many of them, someone just recommended meBrackets.
    Why use this editor instead of some simple pre-build editor or WORD? Reasons are countless.
    First of all - it is made for programmers, so it has many features designed to make life easier (it is not for text editing, like WORD does). You have such options as (just to name few):

  3. visible indentation - no more spaces/tabs mistakes in python or coffescript!
  4. great organization - on the left side there is files tree and on the right side you can install package to minimize your whole code
  5. color reserved words - you can easily notice misspells
  6. auto-ending words
  7. auto-closing brackets (especially useful with javascript, I hate closing all brackets manually).
  8. you can open many files in one window.

But how to install something in Terminal? For Linux I use apt-get install command, sounds easy, right? Sometimes it works and other times not. That's why every program has its own webpage or page on github.

  1. Git - version control system.

That would be all for today, it's time to have some rest. I'll write about it another time!