Contemptuous html lists and debugging

Lori 2 Lori * rocks


Today I've discovered that <li> elements in list have to be in <ul>, <ol> or <menu> container. It can't be inside <div> element. Why? It remains a mystery to me (for now).

How did I discover it? There is a great tool to debug html (or css or javascript or other language). You can just put code into certain website (I used W3C and voila! Errors and warnings are on your plate. It's so wonderful tool that I was shocked hearing that many people doesn't use it.

But there is one huge disadvantage: you have to check it each time manually. Or maybe not?

There is a great program that can check your code and show you errors in terminal, as soon as you save your file. It's called gulp. It makes programmers life way easier, by automatizing repeating actions.

Gulp runs on javascript and can be customized to meet your needs.