Updating content on server

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Finally, I've deployed my first website on my own VPS! I use Digital Ocean to host it and following tools to deploy and update:

Next time I'll describe how to place it on server for the first time. Now I want to focus on an update process.

First, in terminal, I need to log in to my server as root, using ssh (secure shell)

ssh root@lori2lori.rocks

Then I need to go to my repository (directory where my files are). In my case it's 'personal-website'

cd ~/personal-website

Then pull latest changes from GitHub

git pull

I decided not to install node on server and use containers instead

For the first deployment on server,I have to install dependencies:

docker run -itw "/personal-website" --rm -v ~/personal-website:/personal-website node npm install

For the next time its is sufficient just to use build:

docker run -itw "/personal-website" --rm -v ~/personal-website:/personal-website node npm run build

The option -w means that default working directory for running programs within a container is /personal website, not the root directory

npm run build is a command that will be executed in the container. It starts a 'build' task defined in a gulpfile.

On my server, there is also needed to set up nginx.conf

and docker-compose.yml

  image   : nginx
  net     : host
  ports   :
    - "80:80"
  volumes :
    # nginx config file - has to be in sync with this
    - ./nginx.conf:/etc/nginx/nginx.conf
    # Sites served from static assets (no web services)
    - ../personal-website/build/:/usr/share/nginx/html/personal-website

To run Docker:

docker-compose start

Changes are now visible on the website!