My inspiration - part 1 - Small things - Jonathan Cutrell

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Couple months ago I've talked to my friend Tomek - an IT manager, public speaker and personal coach. He suggested that I should recognize people who inspire me to take action. Ever since I've wanted to write this post but stuck with thought that it has to be perfect.

Things changed yesterday when I was listening to another episode of Jonathan's Cutrell Developer Tea podcast: How To Make Small Things A Big Deal, Plus: Celebrating 2 Million Listens!. He made me realize that great things are made of small ones. No great thing was achieved in one day.

Jonathan Cutrell, whose podcast pushed me to action today deserves first post in this series. He is a web developer and creator of Developer Tea - a podcasts on programming topics. As far as I know he publishes one episode every two days. It's an amazing achievement. Episodes are usually about 10 minutes long so I listen to them when I can't do anything else, like when I'm waiting for the bus, making breakfast or in the evening when I'm too tired to listen to other one-and-a-half-hour-long podcasts.

He sees an opportunities where other people don't. That's why I recommend his podcast, especially to beginners in a moments of doubt :)

You can listen to him at Developer Tea.